Regulatory Analysis

BalkanSat EOOD is wholly-owned by a company, registered in Malta (EU). The company’s purpose is to build and operate a state-of-the-art high throughput satellite to provide telecommunication and broadband services to Bulgaria and the African Continent. »


As per Decision No. 1632 dated 3 August 2006, the Communications Regulation Commission of the Republic of Bulgaria has granted to BalkanSat EOOD an Individual License No. 108-03316 dates as of August 2006 for granting a position in geostationary orbit assigned for the Republic of Bulgaria for telecommunication services through the Public Satellite System BUL030B with nation-wide coverage from fixed satellite radio service for a period of 20 years.

As per the new Telecommunication Law of Bulgaria, CRC has issued in 2008 in favour of BalkanSat upon remittance of Activity Report a Permit which complements and substitutes the License.


The resource provided to the Republic of Bulgaria for BUL030B Satellite System which in 2014 has been renamed to BALKANSAT 30B on Position 56.02°E of Geostationary orbit was awarded according to Appendix 30B of the Radio Regulations of the International Communication Union.

The validity of the Resource provided is at least 20 years following the date of Annex enforcement (2008) and 2028 as per CRC. Those dates are a subject to a 8-year period prolongation due to recent regulatory issues that have been settled with CRC.

The validity of the Resource provided corresponds to PDA (Predetermined Arc) which allows BalkanSat to own several “Slots” within the frames of PDA, the first of which is on position 56.02°E with a last validity deadline in 2018. In 2014 a new coordination procedure that has been started for the transformation of the allotment into an assignment at ITU resets the respective deadline with validity of the Resource being extended to 2034 as per ITU Regulations.

The Permit is validly owned by BalkanSat as per Bulgaria’s Laws and Regulations and is fully consistent with the Radio Regulations of ITU.

The Permit was recently edited by the Regulatory Analysis Team of Thales Alenia Space.


Valid and valuable License/Permit owned by Balkansat EOOD.

The License/Permit allows for Trunk Services over Bulgaria with possible extensions.

License/Permit is compatible with X-band and Ku-band for Governmental Use in NATO countries.

Uplink (Earth-to-Space):

- X-band 7900 – 8400 MHz

-Ku-band 13.75 – 14.50 GHz

Downlink (Space-to-Earth):

-X-band 7250 – 7750 MHz

-Ku-band 10.95 – 11.20, 11.45 – 11.70, 12.50 – 12.75 GHz