Satellite System

BalkanSat EOOD is wholly-owned by a company, registered in Malta (EU). The company’s purpose is to build and operate a state-of-the-art high throughput satellite to provide telecommunication and broadband services to Bulgaria and the African Continent. »

BalkanSat 30B is a complete turn-key space system designed to provide:

- Secure communication services over the Bulgarian territory, based on Bulgaria FSS (Fixed Satellite Services) ITU plan band;

- interoperability with other space systems including NATO.

BalkanSat system is built around a dedicated satellite with its ground stations and terminals and provides satellite capacity to all types of customers:

- governmental and military Bulgarian customers;

- secure State Communications;

- military sites/barracks, Fire brigades, Civil protection, Natural Disasters, e-medicine;

- crisis Reliable Communications, extending services to mobile users via dedicated mobile terminals;

- on-demand abroad communications services using capacity on 3rd party satellite;

- strategic communication with national forces abroad including System interoperability through specific secured means;

- interoperability with NATO at ground level;

- commercial;

- video contribution, Trunking, Backhauling (GSM).

BalkanSat satellite can provide to Bulgaria national service to:

- governmental entities;

- broadcasters;

- medium or large enterprises;

- network operators.

BalkanSat provides means to establish secured LAN to LAN connection between any entity within Bulgaria using Bulgarian satellite and with other countries/entities with additional capacity on other satellites:

- enables all IP usual services like Voice, Data, Video;

- secured communications;

- secure State Communications (military sites/barracks, mobile units, etc.) with national forces and/or interoperability with NATO.

National E-Services

- e-Medecine;

- e-Learning;

- e-Risk;

- disaster recovery.

BalkanSat Satellite System allows deployment/ backup of infrastructures in all service area and is fully suitable for:

- villages and/ remote communities;

- locally home-based user wireless services.

BalkanSat Satellite System provides to Bulgaria its own means to TV contribution within the entire country:

- video distribution to professional entities;

- cable distributor;

- broadcasting networks.